Amazing Feedback

Steri Nappi feedback

Amazing Feedback

We have received such amazing feedback from happy customers since relaunching Steri Nappi.

We knew that Steri Nappi had so many uses, but it is always good to hear this from customers who are using our product. Our Facebook Page receives so many comments from people grateful to have the product available again.

We are not too sure when Steri Nappi was first introduced to South Africans but our customers have told us that they have been using Steri Nappi for over 40 years. Of course, then it was mainly used for cloth nappies when disposable nappies were not yet heard of. We do still get enquiries about those buckets used for soaking the nappies that were standard in every home with a baby. We unfortunately do not have any of those buckets, sorry.

Some uses from customer feedback.

We put together this little video which highlights some of the uses shared by our customers: